Summer 2022

Autumn is almost here and the summer is all but over, I’ve had quite the time and am now in a new place and building foundations for the rest of my life I had enormous fun and managed to get to a number of great events, EMF was outstanding and a welcome opportunity to meet… Continue reading Summer 2022

random thought

What if I hadn’t got my adult ADHD diagnosis when I did? What would have been if I hadn’t started the treatment on the 13th November? One week later Kathy took me out for a coffee and a chat. My medication has helped me immensely, it’s allowed me to tap some of the energy and… Continue reading random thought

2022 (Jan)

January 26th and wow is it all happening. Divorce is underway, MIAM attended and mediation was not suitable for our case. I’m trying so hard to not slip backwards or downwards, it’s a real blessing that the ADHD meds have finally quenched my thirst for alcohol, I’ve drunk so little since November and it’s incredible… Continue reading 2022 (Jan)