October 2023

one post a year \o/ So I don’t update my site (rarely ever did) 🙂 the backend and frontend get auto done but sadly I have to this bit (actually adding words) So a quick update, I’m quitting tobacco (again) .. my smokers cough is all too apparent and I have to stop … so… Continue reading October 2023

Summer 2022

Autumn is almost here and the summer is all but over, I’ve had quite the time and am now in a new place and building foundations for the rest of my life I had enormous fun and managed to get to a number of great events, EMF was outstanding and a welcome opportunity to meet… Continue reading Summer 2022

random thought

What if I hadn’t got my adult ADHD diagnosis when I did? What would have been if I hadn’t started the treatment on the 13th November? One week later Kathy took me out for a coffee and a chat. My medication has helped me immensely, it’s allowed me to tap some of the energy and… Continue reading random thought