I’m Jamie Duxbury but I’m also known online as w1bble.

Why w1bble?
Why not? I started using it as a viable nickname on IRC that wouldn’t be fought over (I tried using Jamie on a few ircnets and had a few bun fights with other Jamie’s who wanted to use that nickname), so w1bble was born. Its origins are probably rooted in Blackadder which is classic UK / BBC comedy at its finest :) .

w1bble kind of stuck and I’ve used it ever since, variations are wibble, w1bbl3, wibbl3 and a few others, chances are if your talking to someone on IRC thats nick’d w1bble it’s probably me (or a cunning social engineer pretending to be me)(I’ve had no challenges over it’s use so claim prior art on it)

I’m often found lurking on ircnet, undernet, espernet and a couple of others. (as of 2021 – 2600, libra and couple of others, don’t really bother with the others)

I’ve spent a lot time on the Internet, I used the academic network (JANET) prior to the internet being invented to traverse the world via telnet, so am well versed with its development – knowing where its come from and how its got there. In my 20 some years of working (!) I’ve been in mostly technical roles. My last few years have been more InfoSec related; I’ve had a life long fascination with computers, networking was a natural progression and my years of exposure has allowed me to focus on generic information security and is where a lot of my interest lies (it’s not a dull area and it’s impossible to ever know it all) :)

I currently work for a major UK Charity, I keep work and my external internet presence completely separate, any views or sentiments on this site or anything I write outside of my work identity (which isn’t w1bble) is my own and has no bearing on the day-job. :)

I hope that my InfoSec know how and growing network compliments the knowledge requirement in my full time job, it’s good know how and a lot is potentially useful to people in multiple disciplines / walks of life.

Well, enough about me for now :)


(most of this was retrieved from the wayback machine)


This was from 2013 (updated to reflect my current role), how the world has changed!