my domain and my little place in the www

Creation Date: 1998-01-28T05:00:00Z

(at time of writing webtrickery.com is 23 years 10 months 21 days old)

I’ve had it sometime, it was bought when the internet was a very different place.

It used to ‘live’ on my server in an ISP not very far away, for the last few years it’s resided on a VPS (digital ocean). I’m pleased that it’s now hosted with Mythic Beasts who I can’t recommend highly enough. Cheap straight forward hosting for web and email, I transferred my domain and email in less than 24 hours, no problems, no drama, no fuss.

The main incentive to move to Mythic Beasts was also I’ve finally had enough of managing my own smtp service. For the last year it’s been harder to stop google dropping or spam marking my emails, the MX was solid it’d been trustworthy for a few years but the inability to send and receive email was the final straw. I ran exim / postfix since webtrickery had an MX record, and it’s a massive relief not to give a shit about it anymore and let someone else handle it, thanks Mythic Beasts for making it easy!

Mythic Beasts