Xmas 2021

Another covid year, ongoing pandemic with extra omicron for more spreading.

The useless tory government are selling off the NHS under our noses and the opposition is a wanna be tory instead of a socialist leader.

We have a broken political system maintained due to the lack of proportional representation

it’s a two part shitshow, the conservatives who’ve held the power fuck the country and somehow keep getting voted in, they got brexit done (by lies and deceit)(the idiots who voted leave are yet to understand the damage they’ve inflicted on everyone), they’ve underfunded the NHS for years, promised 40 new hospitals and delivered non, gave the NHS a long overdue payrise which was less than inflation whilst making them pay to park at their own hospitals.

I’d love to take a break, go somewhere (without covid), instead I’m mostly at home, working throughout the period (cos who else is going to do it).

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